It can be hard sometimes to determine when Care Management is right for you.  We have put together some questions that you can review and answer which will assist you in the decision making process.‚Äč  As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you need some assistance working through the questions.

Geriatric Care Management is the process of planning and coordinating the care of older adults and disabled individuals. Our Heart Choices Team assists with improving quality of life, long term care needs and maintaining independence for as long as possible. 

What is Care Management?

Geriatric Care Management


How Do I Know When it's Time for a Care Manager?

What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

Questions to Consider

Choices Care Management

Turning Difficult Care Decisions Into

Informed Choices

Heart Choices Geriatric Care Managers (GCM) are professionals with specialized knowledge and experience related to aging and elder care issues.  Their most important role is establishing a relationship with the client based on trust.

  1. Is your family member resistant to accepting additional assistance?

  2. Are complex decisions interfering with your family or job?

  3. Do you feel overwhelmed with all the details of increasing care needs?

  4. Do you feel unable to provide the level of care your loved one deserves?

  5. Are you uncertain if a behavior is due to normal aging or other factors?

  6. In an emergency would your loved one know who to call?

  7. Is your loved one safe and making good decisions in their environment?

  8. Does your loved one fall often, leave the stove on or have frequent accidents?

  9. Do you worry their caregiver may not be meeting all of their needs?

  10. Do you know their end of life wishes?

  11. Do you need peace of mind knowing professionals are your eyes and ears?